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Comment Posted by jadel Jul 15, 2013 11:18 AM

Play: The rusher is closing in on quarterback, A1. A1 deliberately ducks down while the rusher’s arm swoops over A1 without the touch being made.

Ruling: Do not blow the whistle. This is deliberate and fair means of avoiding a tag. It is different than a defender jumping over fallen ball carrier. (Rules Committee 1986)

Play: A4 bends to catch a low pass. Just after he gains possession, B3 comes in for the touch, swipes a hand over the top of A4 but does not touch A4.

Ruling: Allow the play to continue as no touch occurred or is awarded in this case. (Rule 9.2.1)

Play: A4 dives and catches the ball. While crawling upfield in an effort to gain yards, B3 swipes a hand over the body of A4.

Ruling: Allow the play to continue as B3 has not jumped over or touched A4 and is therefore not awarded touch. (Rule 9.2.1)

Comment: The key factor in awarding a touch, when one has not occurred, is that the defender jumped over or, in some other manner, avoids a collision with, the ball carrier, and in doing so, gives up the opportunity to make a touch. (Rule 9.2.1 and Rules’ Committee 1992)


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